SELECTED SPICES, HERBS, FLAVOURS (Conventional & organic)

We offer you a whole range of spices to enrich your products with taste and embellish them: a real treat for eyes and palate! We personally select our suppliers, with whom we have direct relationships and without intermediation: this allows us to buy high-quality products directly from the origins.

We carefully select a very wide range of spices in different solutions and grain sizes, that we offer pure or in blends, mixed according to the best tradition and experience.

Thanks to the entry in the Pagani Group of the Company ‘Cerreto Organic” we are also able to offer 100% certified organic spices, blends, and functional mixes, together with Vegan products.

  • Conventional Pure Spices
  • Conventional Spice Mix
  • Blend of conventional spices and herbs
  • Pure Organic Spices
  • Organic Spice Mix
  • Blend of Organic spices and herbs

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