Ingredients for Injected & Restructured Products

We offer a wide range of ingredients, blends, spices and flavourings for the production of cooked and injected products, offering high quality, healthy solutions and good taste.

We study in depth the market in which we operate, knowing the traditions of each country and its culture, and thanks to the versatility of our products, the technology of our departments we offer customized products.

  • Functional products
  • Products to reduce water loss, even under vacuum
  • Complex brine systems for absorption/injection
  • Solutions to improve and enhance the natural color of the meat
  • Solutions designed to guarantee excellent product performance even in case of high injections
  • Products designed to improve the sliceability and juiciness of the cooked injected product
  • Innovative flavour palette for cooked or injected products
  • Natural ‘taste boosters’

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