Our blends for emulsified products, such as Hot Dog or Pariser, ensure high-quality levels in terms of perfect texture and excellent consistency of the final product.

The protein level of the final product is fundamental to achieve a good product, even if the raw materials are not always valuable: with our innovative products, wisely formulated, we ensure excellent performance.

The aromatic aspect is also essential for us, so we have developed complete and exclusive flavored blends to guarantee and respect the authentic traditional flavors.

  • Binders
  • Fat/meat substitutes
  • Emulsifiers
  • Solutions to improve and enhance the natural color of the meat
  • Products designed to increase the viscosity of the emulsion
  • Formulas to improve water retention and drastically reduce syneresis
  • Products to give excellent consistency to the product after cooking
  • Innovative flavour palettes for emulsified products
  • Natural taste boosters
  • Products created to stabilize the emulsion and give consistency to the final product, also after cooking
  • Aromatic profiles designed to give taste and helps to mask off-taste of poultry meat

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