Ingredients for summer sausage, snack sticks & Italian salami

Our mission is to inspire through taste and to do it we respect the local culinary traditions to preserve the authentic flavors of each geographical area.

Summer Sausage, Snack Sticks, and Salami: there is a world of emotions and different processing techniques behind these 3 ranges. Each one with its distinctive character, all of them must respect the essential standards for the success of the product: they must be perfectly preserved; dried and their pH (which measures their acidity) must decrease a bit.

It might seem a secondary technical detail, but for us, it is essential to carefully evaluate all the details to obtain the ideal product for our Customers.

Speed up drying times is a plus that we provide to our Customers to optimize processing time and costs.

No matter if it is pumpkin, cheese, fennel, chili pepper, or with natural smoke flavour, the important thing is to achieve the perfect combination of 4 elements: texture, color, taste, and flavor.

  • Functional binder bases with antioxidants and allergen-free
  • Selected mixes of ingredients, spices, and flavors for a wide range of taste profile
  • Natural ingredients
  • Natural ‘taste boosters’
  • Technological solutions to reduce water activity and to speed up the drying time of the meat
  • Solutions to improve and enhance the natural color of the meat
  • Starter Cultures
  • Innovative flavour palette for dried products
  • Flavors developed to correct meat off-notes and metallic taste

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