Fratelli Pagani USA, exclusive ingredients and flavors for the meat industry

Fratelli Pagani, exclusive ingredients and flavors for the meat industry

An exclusive blend for every specific need

Passion, research, expertise, and innovation lead to the creation of solutions according to the different customers’ needs.

We create unique and customized blends

Fratelli Pagani offers the customers maximum quality, immediate availability, and taste stability. To receive a personalized advice contact us.
USA Fratelli Pagani generación

Fratelli Pagani

Five generations
committed to the same goal

Thanks to our great know-how, built up over 110 years, with a big determination and passion, in 2018 we faced a new challenge: the opening of our first branch in the USA.

Based in Chicago, Fratelli Pagani USA Inc, aims to bring to America all the know-how and the values of the Company:
high-quality standards of products, customer care, honesty, integrity, long-term thinking, leadership, and individual responsibility, with a great commitment of every single employee, according to the tastes and needs of American consumers.

Knowing and respecting our Customers are 2 essential assets to be able to grow in this challenging market, ensuring, moreover, quick service on-site thanks to the efficiency of our qualified staff.

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Summer Sausage, Snack Sticks, and Salami

Summer Sausage, Snack Sticks, and Salami: there is a world of emotions and different processing techniques behind these 3 ranges.

Fresh meat preparations

We offer balanced ingredients for the production of fresh minced meat such as sausages, burgers and patties.

Whole dry pieces

Thanks to our wide range of flavors and specific ingredients, we help you to produce refined and unique cured meats while adopting faster production cycles.

Injected and Restructured products

We offer a wide range of ingredients, blends, spices, and flavorings for the production of cooked and injected products, offering high quality, healthy solutions, and good taste.

Emulsified Products

Our blends for emulsified products, such as Hot Dog or Pariser, ensure high-quality levels in terms of perfect texture and excellent consistency of the final product.

Spices, Herbs and Flavours

We offer you a whole range of spices to enrich your products with taste and embellish them: a real treat for eyes and palate!

Pagani Chef Line

In 2004 the Pagani Chef line was born with a clear mission: to introduce in the Italian market a refined “Gourmet” preparation technique and to promote in the world the concept of the traditional butcher’s shop.





  • Clean Label and allergen-free solutions.
  • Natural Blends, Ingredients and Flavors.
  • Starter-Cultures for food safety, color, taste, and texture improvement.
  • Functional ingredients with higher performance to increase yields and reduce processing time.

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